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Of Course, Smoking is Unhealthy


BumOne App users understand medical science regarding the health hazards of tobacco use. In fact, we appreciate the tremendous research into the health hazards associated with tobacco use. As we appreciate, research about the dangers of alcohol, high fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrites and nitrates, aspartame, and the other chemically infused substances that people eat, drink, and otherwise enjoy. 

No reasonable person would disagree with placing the responsibility of providing users with potentially dangerous products with unbiased facts about the dangers. The manufacturer should shoulder that responsibility, especially if the dangerous products are being legally sold to children and vulnerable people.

It would be irresponsible not to acknowledge the health

hazards of tobacco use. In no way do we suggest anyone

should take these health issues lightly.

However, doesn't the tobacco industry provide more information about the dangers of their products than any other industry? Further, don't most other manufacturers of products containing dangerous chemicals shirk their duty to give full disclosure to users of their products?

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Why don't other products disclose their health hazards?

For example, there are many supporters of the position that high-fructose corn syrup in foods and drinks should disclose the dangers associated with consumption of those products. Further, shouldn't those dangerous products be illegal for minors to consume? 

It is a scientific fact the high-fructose corn syrup in foods and drinks is the leading cause of childhood obesity. Medical costs associated with caring for the health conditions of obese people are MUCH higher than medical costs associated with tobacco use.


Isn't obesity, and the illnesses that it causes, the primary cause of heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, and countless other ailments, that when added together are the number one cause of deaths in the world?

Perhaps, standing together is the only way that we can share with those who do not know the details about governments' deplorable partnership with tobacco manufacturers. As hard as this may be to believe, the United States makes more per cigarette sold than the manufacturers of cigarettes. And, despite the health hazards that are drummed into the ears of children by the media, the manufacturing of cigarettes MUST continue, or else the United States will lose the huge flow of cash, that we berated big tobacco for earning in lawsuit, after lawsuit.  

Other Unsafe Products

For example, very few US children's cereal manufacturers take their responsibility to provide the public with accurate information about the chemicals in their cereals. This seems to fly in the face of the responsibilities placed in the laps of tobacco manufacturers, to educate people about the dangers associated with their products.

Especially when we consider that breakfast cereal includes substances ingested by children, not just in the US, but also around the world.

There are exceptions to this rule, such as the tremendous effort made by General Mills, to educate the public about the dangerous additives in their product, Cocoa Puffs. If only other manufacturers would take a page from General Mill's playbook about how to take their responsibility to educate the public.


Cocoa Puffs, introduced to the marketplace in 1956, and it mostly contains nothing by crappy and unhealthy food additives. 

To educate the public, even though under no order to do so, General Mills has undertaken an advertising campaign warning the public about how dangerous additives have destroyed the life of a beloved talking bird named Sonny.

The General Mills documentary shows us how Sonny has spent 66-years in school, unable to graduate, from elementary school. We learn Sonny suffers from a severe Attention Deficit Disorder, presumably caused by his consumption of too many Cocoa Puffs.


In fact, General Mills acknowledges in a documentary, spanning over 66-years of TV ads, just how severe Sonny's medical consequences are from of eating too many Cocoa Puffs. Sonny has gone cuckoo. The Cocoa Puffs have caused Sonny to “go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."

The sight, or even the thought of Cocoa Puffs, has destroyed the life of this beloved bird.


We at BumOne hold General Mills in the highest of regards for its huge financial investment into documenting the 66-year health crisis by reporting truthfully about the dangers of Cocoa Puffs.

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And join with people from around the world, who all want to preserve our legal right to enjoy tobacco products, as we please.

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