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The main reason The Hotline Directory was founded, was that there is no government oversight or regulations for the hotline industry. The industry has been exploding with new services for the past few years.


To help generate objective data about hotlines, THD baked into its database the ability to collect objective data related to each individual hotline's performance, such as:

  • How many rings until pick up,

  • Time on hold,

  • Length of calls,

  • Time between text chat replies (representing indications of handling more than one caller or texter at a timer), and;

  • Other such data.

THD will also collect voluntary feedback from individuals that use its service. These real life experiences with hotlines and chat services, can be shared with the public, to help people choose the right hotline to call. Collecting such important data will take several years. THD's long term goal is to eventually collect enough data so that it can provide meaningful statistics. ​​

Let’s Work Together to Help THD

Interested in volunteering for THD, or making a donation, please drop us a line. Or visit

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The Hotline Directory

The Hotline Directory's ("THD") mission is to provide everyone in the United States in need of a hotline or helpline service with easy access to all options that best match their needs. They're working to accomplish their mission by having their team of volunteers scour the Internet for services.


As of the Fall of 2021, THD has added over 100,000 hotlines, helpline, and chat lines to Each hotline is provided with a free page on their website, that includes detailed data. In fact, hotlines are permitted to "claim" their page, and add to their page, as much additional information about their hotline as they wish.

If you know of any hotlines, helplines or chat lines that are missing from The Hotline Directory database, we ask that you kindly provide us with information about that service. THD will add it to its directory. 

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