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Tobacco's Amazing Place in History

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Dating back thousands of years, long before western explorers found their way to the shores of the North or South America, smoking and chewing tobacco was commonplace for the inhabitants of the Americas, Native Americans. In fact, archeologists have found evidence of tobacco use by Native Americans in South America, dating back to the year 700. 

However, it wasn't until, Italian explorers, Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci, the earliest (non-Viking explorers) of the New World, returned to Italy to deliver newly discovered products to their wealthy benefactors, to entice them into continuing to finance their expeditions, that tobacco was first introduced in Europe.

Soon thereafter, European doctors of the day found tobacco to be a magic elixir and a panacea for a multitude of ailments. And, tobacco found great favor with the upper crust, all but assuring It didn't take to become the catalyst for an aggressive campaign to fueling a campaign by all the powerhouse, European countries to push hard to claim their stake in portions of the New World by colonizing specific regions.

Almost 1,000 years following the first known use of tobacco, its role in communities as a sign of peace and harmony between new acquaintances, friends, and family came to an abrupt halt.

This turning point in history occurred shortly before the mass production of tobacco products by westerners began, forever changed the original uses of tobacco.

The BumOne App honors the original use of tobacco and invites people around the world to join with us.

Let's put aside the politics and controversies of daily life, to share a smoke or a chew with new acquaintances, and celebrate life together. Indeed, many cultures around the world have had a vibrant, rich, and long relationship with tobacco. We believe, as do many others, that understanding and respecting the long history of humanity's relationship with tobacco is a worthwhile undertaking.

We have not limited the BumOne App's mission to invigorating humanity and tobacco's upbeat connection to the principles of peace, harmony, and friendship. There is a 2nd meaningful role that we hope to play. Membership to the BumOne App is not only about sharing tobacco products.

We believe we must use BumOne to create a platform for all tobacco users around the world, to have their voices heard. Given that there are 1.5 billion tobacco users in the world, imagine the clout that we would have, if we stood as one.


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