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BumOne, Smoker's Rights
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BumOne Is Not Just Another Pretty Face

Our aspirations for BumOne run deep.

There is no group with sufficient clout to advocate on behalf of all tobacco users. From the outset, we wish to be clear that we don't claim smokers' rights are among the most important issues that society faces in the 21st century. 

We believe and agree that the science behind the potential dangers to individuals who have made the legal choice to use tobacco products is critical to discuss and share with the public, especially children. Education is a critical facet of everyone's life, and teaching children at a young age using tobacco products can be dangerous to one's health.

Much like the importance of educating the public about the impact that fossil fuels have had, and continue to have, on global warming.

The effects of the thousands of dangerous products that are legal to use are all deserving of our full attention. There is no disputing that using tobacco products can be dangerous.

However, shouldn't it be society that determines where, on the scale of dangerous activities, the effects of tobacco lie? So that we can compare that level of danger to the use of other products that are not challenged with the same level of scrutiny as tobacco products. Examples include products that cause obesity, drug addiction, depression, poverty, global warming, dangerous drugs?

The answer should be very obvious to all. The media demonize tobacco users, just like they do tobacco manufacturers. Why? Because we are easy targets, BumOne has set out to fix this, by creating an all-in-one forum for tobacco users to join their voices, loud and clear. There are great advantage to creating a large group of supporters, clout. The more people that join BumOne, the more clout we will have. Our numbers are strong. Even if a small percentage of the 1.5 billion smokers in the world join with us, BumOne members will do some incredible work.

  • Why did tobacco users become the fall guys for all that has gone wrong on our beautiful planet?

  • Why aren't people who consume a multitude of dangerous products, and the companies that manufacture these products, maligned like we and tobacco manufacturers are?

  • Why do strangers believe they may walk up to us while we are enjoying our choice of legal tobacco products? 

  • Why do they waggle their fingers in our faces? 

  • Why do they think we want to hear about their beliefs about the dangers of smoking?

  • Would these same people walk up to an obese woman and instruct her about the dangers of the Twinkies that she is quietly enjoying? 

And, why are there no existing groups of tobacco users that form a strong, cohesive and unified front?

Tobacco users need such a group, for many reasons, to:


  • Counteract the “denormalization” of tobacco

  • Prevent further restrictions on the purchase and consumption of tobacco

  • Lobby politicians to amend public smoking bans to accommodate individuals who may consume legal products as they see fit

  • Establish closer links with other tobacco-friendly groups at home and abroad

  • Build support among consumers of tobacco and other similarly threatened groups

  • Highlight the increasingly intrusive nature of Big Government in the lives of private individuals

The time has finally arrived! You and BumOne will lead the way towards equal, fair treatment under the law. We've got the numbers to make this happen. Please join us on this mission.

Download the BumOne App. Share your thoughts with BumOne's home base. We need people to help with social media, blogging, outreach, boots on the groundwork, and anything else that you want to help with. The BumOne App is for everyone that believes in protecting the civil liberties of others.

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Is BumOne a Positive Influence for People? Of Course, We Are.

When BumOne has enough members, we will have the clout to make a lot of noise.

  • The noise that will be loud enough for decision makers across the globe to hear. 

  • The noise that is not the product of tobacco manufacturer funding.

  • The noise that 30 million US tobacco users and 1.5 billion international tobacco users worldwide users can make.

  • The noise that a team of millions of BumOne members, advocating for tobacco users' rights, can make.

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